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Price 12000
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RCC framed structure based on Architectural / Structural design to stilt, First Floor ,Second Floor , Third Floor , head room  & Lift Room

Earth work excavation with  pile foundations.



Basement height of 3’3” from existing natural ground level. Filling by pit Sand and 6” depth quarry dust filling with consolidation and P.C.C. 1:4:8



Anti-termite treatment using PCI in 3 stages at (1) foundationstage, (2) Ground floor P.C.C Stage (3) Before woodwork and pavement stage.



  1. First class Red quality bricks work in cement mortar (CM) 1:5 ratio
  2. All partitions work 0.115m thick using C M   (1:4) with 2 nos of 8mm M S rod at every 4th    layer with Bid lintels in all walls (Both 9”  & 4 ½”)



  1. Internal: 12mm thick Cement mortar 1:4 Ratio

b) External:15 – 18mm thick Cement mortar 1:4 ratio

c) Ceiling:  10mm thick in Cement mortar 1:3 ratio



  1. All floors – Johnson or Kajaria  or  any ISI brand Vitrified 2’ x 2’ (basic cost Rs.60/- per sft.)
  2. Walls – Johnson or any equivalent brand make upto roof levelheight – Toilets (Basic cost Rs.40/- per sft.)
  3. Granite LAKHA RED1’0” x 2’0” flooring @ Rs200/-per sft to be provided for the staircase area as per Architects drawing / instruction. (Basic cost Rs.200/-per sft) Granite slabs with nosing for steps (Basic Cost Rs.120)




b) Store Room, Pantry &Toilet :Approved brand Glazed tiles in CM(1:3) Basic cost Rs.40/ Sq.ft

15mm thick up to a height of upto roofheight with PVC beading (Basic cost of tiles @ Rs.40/- per sft.)( For Toilets only )ToiletFloor tiles to be placed with spacer.

GRANITE Black Galaxy platform of 20 mm thick with half round nosing FOR TOILET WASH BASIN. (Basic CostRs.120)

c)Wash area: glazed tiles up to 7 feet height. (Basic cost of tiles @ Rs.40/- per sft.)


Doors & Windows:

a)    Main doors  to be  in first  quality Teak frame

125mm x 75mm with 38mm thick Architect designed FIRST QUALITY TEAKdoor TRANSPARENT PU COAT FINISH

with heavy duty brass fittingsANTIQUE FINISH- hinges4 NOS, tower bolt 2 Nos, all drops and Godrej lock, nylon bush, magnetic catch,  safety chain & door stopper, including 3 Nos. of heavy duty MS hold fast in each side.


  1. Bedroom & Other doors : Providing & fixing  of 30mm thick Approved make ISI door with Teak wooden  frame of size 100 x 65mm withBoth Side Compressed  Faced Venear(BSC) 3 nos of M S hold fasts per side and also to have 2 Nos of 125 mm long 8mm dia tower bolts, 4nos of 125mm heavy duty hinges, 1 No door stopper (or) 1 No magnetic catch wherever required with nylon bush and Godrej cylindrical lock etc, completed (AllfittingsHEAVY DUTYbrass fittingsANTIQUE FINISH).

c) Toilet: - do – as above with water proof flush                                                                door without cylindrical lock & provide 2 Nos of baby latch.


D) Windows: UPVC Windows in 4mm thick plain glass including MS grill (2kg/per sq.ft) with hold fast and brass heavy duty fittings ANTIQUE FINISHsuch as keel, tower bolt, brass handle etc., complete or UPVC Windows.

e) Doors: All doors to be polished finish(Except toilet door). Inside of the toilet door , to be enamel paint finished.




UPVClouveredventilator & exhaust fan     provision including M S grills.


Weathering course & Water proofing:

  1.    Throughly prepare surfaces & lay to  proper  slopes ½” brick jelly in lime 2:1 beaten down to an average finished thickness of 4”/3” with the addition of jiggery and kadukkai and supplying and fixing in position flat pressed tiles Pressed clay tiles set in cm 1:3 mixed with crude oil 5% the weight of cement used and pointed with the same oiled mortar at roof over SF including flashings at corners of slab and parapet.approved waterproof admixture to be mixed with 1st floor roof and exposed gf roof concrete

Approved water proofing at roof to be done prior fixing of tiles.

DPC to be done for foundation.approved waterproof admixture to be mixed with foundation concrete.

plinth level waterproofing to be done.

  1. Interior – Birla patty with Berger / Asian/ICI Royal emulsion paint
  2. Exterior – apex ultima

Toilet sunken : Plastering with Cm (1:3)              20mm thick admixed with approved admixture, curing and testing and filling with brick jelly concrete (1:4:8) etc., complete.    




  1. Provision for open cupboards in bedroom only.
  2. Staircase/ SS Hand Rails
  3. 3’6” ht parapet wall of 9” thick brick wall.
  4. All side balconies are ornamental MS grill withrailing
  5. Providing shelves in store with 4 Nos 20mm thick quality granite slab & necessary brick wall & plastering



Plumbing Sanitary & Water Supply:

a). Chambers : 600 x 600 and 900 x 600 with  SFRC frame and cover and gully chambers.


b) Drainage line, waste line should be 2.5”, 4’ and 6” (6Kg/cm2) approved brand pvc pipe      Finolex make, including connection to existing main chambers. (Excluding Metro, SW Board charges). 


c)  All cold water supply pipes and all external and

internal pipes shall be of approved make UPVC and hot water supply lines will be of CPVC of standard quality.


d)  Rain water pipes Finolex (or) equivalent will be of 110mm dia PVC of Standard grade with ISI      (4Kg/ cm2)                        

e) One wash basin in the dining room with all fittings & pipes.


f) Jacquar CP fitting in all bath, toilets, service and kitchen areas


g)   All ceramic/Porcelain sanitary wares will be of white colour (Parry ware or equivalent)

h)  Provide wall mounted E W C with low level flushing cistern in all bathrooms.



Electrical works:

(Electrical as per the electrical drawing )

a)  Anchor Roma Make Modular switches.

b) Good quality copper wires Finolex (or) Orbit                             Make.


c)  2 Light points, 1 Fan point, 2 Tube Light with 5 plug 5 Ampere in each room. 15amp AC provision will be included with MS Grill in   bedrooms.     


d)  Hall : 2 fan, 2 light, 1 chandelier,  5A socket 6,15A  socket 1


e)  Kitchen to have Four 5 ampere , Two 15A, two light and fan with exhaust fan point including chimney point.


f) Toilet to have one light, one exhaust fan, one 15 Amp for geyser & one 5 ampere point.                                               


  1. Utility to have two 5 ampere, 15Amp point, one light point.


  1. Calling bell point.


  1. Light points in stair.(as per photo)


j)  Motor wiring both sump & bore well.



Telephone & TV Point

One of each point in living and in all bedrooms


Rain Water harvesting

Lumpsum as per norms (extra cost)


Car Parking :

Ultra (or) equivalent make tile flooring, while constructing the car parking area280 sq.ft



Interior wall : Necessary coat Birla patty and

primer with two or more coat plastic emulsion                  

paint (asian or ICI of approved colour).

Ceiling: Necessary coat Birla patty andprimer

with two or more coat plastic emulsion paint. (asian or ICI of approved colour).

All internal wall painting is to be done with roller.

External: 3 coats of Apex ultima weather shield paint of approved colour as per elevation.

Joinery:  1 coat primer with patty and 2 coats of synthetic melamine GLOSSYpolish finish of approved colour.

Iron Work: 1 coat primer and 2 coats of synthetic paint of approved colour




  1. 10 %  of Booking Advance.
  2. 40 % at the time of UDS Registration.
  3. 10% on the completion of Basement Level in Ground Floor
  4. 10% on the completion of Lintel Level in Ground Floor
  5. 10% on the completion of Roof Level in First Floor.
  6.  10% on the completion of Roof Level  in Second Floor
  7.  5% on the completion of Third Floor & Head Room
  8.  3% on the completion of Brick work, Electrical work, Plumbing Work, Carpentary Work, Plastering work, Painting Work & Fixing of Plumbing fittings

 2% on the completion of before handing over the said Flat

Flat No Floor Flat Area UDS Availability
FF-1 First Floor 1021 456 Avaliable
T-2 THIRD FLOOR 1021 456 Available
T-3 THIRD FLOOR 1460 688 Available